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Author: Glenn Zimmerman

Huffpost Live is dead. So is Al Jazeera America. The New York Times is exploring how to use Virtual Reality in news and Samsung is opening a VR studio in NYC… Given the dominance of video and the proliferation of video-centric technologies, how do you fail at video? Or perhaps better stated, how do you avoid failing at video during the current climate of high video consumption? We put together

The importance of music in video is indisputable. It is the subtle guide that commands an audience to sit up and pay attention. The right music can make your video memorable and moving. On the flipside, a mistaken choice of soundtrack can give the wrong impression about a brand, confuse a message and/or simply leave the story flat. Mad Bear’s Co-founder and creative genius Julian Williams,

Is fall your favorite time of year? Mine, too. But not because of the cooler temperatures and changing leaves. I love fall because it’s a great time of year for innovative cause marketing programs. Maybe it’s because Giving Tuesday is around the corner? Or all the energy that’s given to the marketing of the biggest shopping day of the year? Whatever the reason, where there is

Need a star for your next marketing video? Look no further than your company’s own employees. In most cases they are the most qualified when it comes to extracting the DNA of your company. Now, you might be thinking, “Yes, they get our story, but those people can’t act. We want our video to look professional!” Think again. Here are three reasons why “keeping it

Predictions are at best an educated guess. I stress educated (think of this as a weather forecast). While we could probably have a full college 101 session about all of these topics, for the sake of time, and quite frankly blog space, I took some pretty bold concepts and turned them into short, digestible paragraphs. I had a conversation with a pair of thought leaders in

“Is the Wi-Fi working?” “Did you change the iTunes password?” “Have you seen my charger?” Sounds like a typical morning in my household. Remember Hooked on Phonics? Yea. My kids, and my husband (ok, ok, me too) are Hooked on Tronics. I long to bring them back to basics. You know: hide and seek, rock-paper-scissor, hangman. But the whole concept of “basic” is so complicated now. Basic to

In life we pursue the things we love. It’s no different in business. From time-to-time you’ll see Mad Bear‘s social feeds feature the “brands we love” hashtag because there are so many brands our team loves. There is a natural excitement and emotion that pours out when you get to tell stories about a brand that you are passionate about. Thanks to today’s technology

There I was sitting in the audience simply being rude. Really… I had turned my head from watching the person speaking in the front of the room and was openly talking to myself. Mouthing the words I had been thinking through for months. I felt like a jerk, but did it anyway. Of course, I wanted to hear what everyone had to say.. this was a TED event

Recently my family was asked to do a lighthearted interview on a Chicago morning news show. We are former Chicagoans who live in Tampa now. We are huge hockey fans who support the home team. Just so happens Tampa and Chicago are facing off in the hockey finals. The anchors wanted to have a little rivalry fun with us over Skype. I thought, morning TV,

It’s the most simple visual. The plainest concept, boring in fact. A line. What a bum wrap it has. Straight and flat for all intents and purposes… blah. Only a line is anything but boring, straight and flat. For example when “I draw the line” I am talking serious business. Who’s with me? You’ve said it “Ok, that’s where I draw the line.” Someone crosses