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The future holds many unknowns. But the world of video is a different story. Gather around as we take a look into our Mad Bear Crystal Ball – which no surprise resembles our new Nokia OZO Virtual Reality camera. Take a minute or two to read Mad Bear’s predictions for the world of video in 2017. 360 Video/Virtual Reality will be THE dominant buzz technology of the Year. 3D video, mobile

Every day I find myself in the midst of a juggle between running a business and trying to be the best father/husband I can be. It is safe to assume many of you have a similar juggling act. I am not complaining. Simply stating facts. There is simply not enough time in a day. So that’s what makes life funny. When something comes up that hits a

The Mad Bear team is extremely proud to announce another trophy for our collective mantlepiece. We won a 2013 Telly Award for a video entitled “Chess and Insurance.” We produced the video for our client First Fidelity Brokerage, an insurance brokerage firm specializing in business needs. After hearing about the award, First Fidelity CEO Eugene B. Podokshik said, “The Mad Bear team googled me and saw that I was

The Mad Bear team recently did a test. We wanted to see if LinkedIn‘s new Video Ads platform would outperform LinkedIn’s standard ads (i.e. the ones that use a combination of an image and a little text). Both versions in our test used the same subject matter and were targeted to the same audience (i.e. geography, job title, etc). We actually did multiple versions of the non-video ad

A client recently asked us to produce a viral video that is funny. The only other direction was the video also had to tell the viewer how the client’s service works. Now this was a tall order and a fun challenge. Our leading concept involved turning the company’s logo into a mascot (i.e. a person in an animal costume), doing ridiculous things and than recording the

Online video is a proven way to draw more eyeballs to a business. More and more studies are showing the proof is in the numbers: higher website click through rates, longer amount of time engaged with a brand on a webpage and all age groups are watching. Glenn Zimmerman, the President of Video Agency Mad Bear Productions, talks about some of the tangible benefits of online video.