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This week thousands have flocked to the California desert to attend Coachella, while a very different crowd flocked to the desert in Nevada, to gather in Las Vegas for the Coachella and the Comicon of the broadcast industry all rolled into one, the 2016 National Association of Broadcasters trade show, known in our circles simply as, NAB. And while the buzz around Coachella 2016 has been

The importance of music in video is indisputable. It is the subtle guide that commands an audience to sit up and pay attention. The right music can make your video memorable and moving. On the flipside, a mistaken choice of soundtrack can give the wrong impression about a brand, confuse a message and/or simply leave the story flat. Mad Bear’s Co-founder and creative genius Julian Williams,

Most goods and services are not photogenic. They are not sexy. Software. Insurance. Ball bearings. The cardboard box. homepage_bottom_left_sept02_US Not every shoe is designed by Jimmy Choo. Which doesn’t detract a bit from what they do over at New Balance. So, as varied as brands are even within specific industries, the methods to market those brands ought to be just as varied. For example, you may sell something that is

A bass line throbs and light ephemeral strings tickle your eardrums. On screen, spectacular imagery sears your retinas burrowing into your brain.  Something, part astronaut, part trapeze artist, part condor leaps off a cliff and screams through a dazzling alpine landscape, as guitars scream and a beat throbs providing the cadence to an all out three pronged attack on your senses, audio, visual and emotional. Just