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In Video We Trust for Sales

As a salesperson, no matter how long your sales cycle, one of the most important things that you need to build with your buyer is trust. You could argue that getting a deal done without trust is next to impossible. If someone doesn’t trust that you have their best intentions in mind, that you can help them solve their challenges, and that you are an expert in your field, they will not buy from you. Period.

As buyers become more sophisticated and well-researched, maintaining trust throughout your sales funnel is more important than ever. Spammy tactics can kill your credibility and it is nearly impossible to recover from that first impression. The bottom line here is this: modern buyers have higher expectations of the customer experience – they want salespeople to focus on adding value and being helpful.

Leveraging video in your sales process is a game-changing way to build trust, establish authenticity, and strengthen relationships with your buyers and prospects.

Like any relationship you have to start slow.  With a prospect, as opposed to a repeat customer, perhaps you start with social. Maybe connecting on LinkedIn, liking some content and commenting on things. And then your next step, rather than sending an email, imagine the impression a personalized video would make? It would be memorable. And that’s what you want.

Experienced buyers can smell insincerity from their inbox. That’s why our Team often recommends using real employees and no script in order to build that trust.

We call this process “back scripting” because you are really editing back to a script. When done right, you will have multiple ways of creating the “script” however with real, sincere and genuine reactions vs. canned and robotic communications.

You may be thinking: “My buyers are old-school – sending them videos will freak them out or make them feel uncomfortable. This medium won’t resonate with them.” Trust us – if you focus on being thoughtful, adding value and going the extra mile to personalize your content, the responses will be overwhelmingly positive no matter who your buyer is.

Have questions on anything we’ve shared above? Please share in the comments – we’d love to hear your feedback.


About the Author: Roshni Hannon

Her name means “light” and that is what she is… high energy, bright and fast. And yes… she does run regularly. While we’re not sure what she is running from (perhaps her two young kids) we know she’s covered a ton of ground. She was the Executive Producer for an award winning and number one rated morning show in Tampa for years. And now, she uses her unique blend of organization, storytelling and curiosity to help Mad Bear clients find their stories. Think of her as an architect, a story architect.