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What is the Mad Bear Cave?

Yes… most bears have dens but a truly “Mad Bear” has to be a little different.

He has to stand out! Watch this video to get a sense of what I mean:

This is what you will find here:

-Stuff we find interesting that has to do with video: trends, techniques and tools (yes I went with the standby “t” theme … good ole “t”). This will include storytelling concepts as well as tips for video optimization because even if you create the most compelling video in the world, the right people have to see it to make it work for you.

-Stuff we find interesting that does not have to do with video: everything from good wine to a good place to see lava to the coolest car to get you there.

This is what you will NOT find here:

-A sales pitch or any diatribe about why we are the best. We assume that since you are reading our blog, you already know this to be true.

-Narcissistic “look at me” images of us about town. We know you don’t want to see us tackling the biggest hamburger in New York City… or do you????

This is what you can do:

-Submit videos for critique and discussion — this is a safe place to test your videos out on the world.

-Tell us when you think our point of view is brilliant — we love discussion!

-Tell us when you think we are full of it — we love discussion even when you think we are wrong!


Do Nothing… just read, watch and hopefully enjoy!