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Mad Bear Productions is excited to announce the sponsorship of EyeforTravel’s Smart Travel Analytics North America 2014. he Smart Travel Analytics Show brings together thought leaders and practitioners of data and analytics in the travel and hospitality spaces. Expect to network with leading hotels, airlines, OTAs, GDS, Cruises, Destinations and travel technology companies from across North America and beyond. Spend 2 days filled with best-practice strategies,

I boarded a flight from the East Coast to head to California and 3 nights later I returned home. Great trip… Huntington Beach is pretty place! While away, my goal was to learn about some things I didn’t know about and also drop a little knowledge at the same time. Call it an online video mindshare. It was my first time to Streaming Media West — I had

Most goods and services are not photogenic. They are not sexy. Software. Insurance. Ball bearings. The cardboard box. homepage_bottom_left_sept02_US Not every shoe is designed by Jimmy Choo. Which doesn’t detract a bit from what they do over at New Balance. So, as varied as brands are even within specific industries, the methods to market those brands ought to be just as varied. For example, you may sell something that is

A bass line throbs and light ephemeral strings tickle your eardrums. On screen, spectacular imagery sears your retinas burrowing into your brain.  Something, part astronaut, part trapeze artist, part condor leaps off a cliff and screams through a dazzling alpine landscape, as guitars scream and a beat throbs providing the cadence to an all out three pronged attack on your senses, audio, visual and emotional. Just

The Mad Bear team is extremely proud to announce another trophy for our collective mantlepiece. We won a 2013 Telly Award for a video entitled “Chess and Insurance.” We produced the video for our client First Fidelity Brokerage, an insurance brokerage firm specializing in business needs. After hearing about the award, First Fidelity CEO Eugene B. Podokshik said, “The Mad Bear team googled me and saw that I was

The Mad Bear team recently did a test. We wanted to see if LinkedIn‘s new Video Ads platform would outperform LinkedIn’s standard ads (i.e. the ones that use a combination of an image and a little text). Both versions in our test used the same subject matter and were targeted to the same audience (i.e. geography, job title, etc). We actually did multiple versions of the non-video ad