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Not too long ago I pulled off the impossible. A surprise party. Months and months of covert planning, secret phone calls and shady behavior all came together for one purpose: A Reaction. It was priceless. Watching raw emotion and excitement unravel as a result of something you had a hand in, is in a word: AWESOME. I’ll remember that moment always.   I get the same feeling when I sit in an audience

You’ve probably heard people joke about human beings having a shorter attention span than goldfish, sadly it’s kind of true. If your content doesn’t capture a viewer’s interest in the right amount of time, they’ll move on to something else. We have to hold our audience very tight and not let them even think about moving, not even a tiny little inch (or pixel) from our content.   In one of Wistia’s video lengths

Yes — we are actually encouraging people to produce professional video using their smartphones. No — we are not crazy because this is a strategy that works. The word strategy is crucial here. Without strategy, you just have a bunch of poorly shot video without purpose. This is a way of significantly increasing the scope of your project while keeping the cost of production down. Here is a scenario