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United Way Suncoast - ALICE The Challenge: Most people know of the United Way but really don't know exact what it does. This video was designed to do this and be shown at a live event. Our Solution: We broke down the three pillars of the United Way with specific human examples and then used a stylized graphics package to add clarity, polish and energy.

Israel Tennis and Education Centers - About Us The Challenge: To create an impactful story to help potential supporters and donors understand what the Israel Tennis and Education Centers does and important function it provides. Our Solution: Using the theme of a bridge we develop a script, had members of the organization voice it and then captured images by directing an Israeli based production company. The result

Girl Scouts - Impact Video The Challenge: To help the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida share their story in a way that encourages donors to support this tremendous organization. Our Answer: We gathered elements over a year and strung together a powerful story of inspiring girls to be leaders, to explore the world around them and to be themselves!

Hillside: A Journey of Hope and Healing The Challenge: To capture the amazing place Hillside is without identifying any of the children they help. Our Answer: The Mad Bear Team worked with Hillside to find a family interested in sharing its story… the result… wow! Note: 35th Annual Telly Award winner for Internet/Online Programs, Segments, or Promotional Pieces - Charitable/Not-for-profit