Video Brainstorming (aka More Services)

Videos are not created equal.  Crafting thoughtful customized videos is our forte and our hope is, as you learn more about Mad Bear, you will begin to look at video in a completely different way.
We rely on our vast experience as storytellers but we also engage a variety of digital marketing techniques like keyword research to help determine what elements of your story people are already actively searching.

Please look at this list of services to help you plan out your next video project:

  • Video FAQs: Concise and informative stylized answers to frequently asked questions used to creatively explain complex information.
  • Executive Branding: If you are an executive, you are your own brand. We can help you discover your story and proudly highlight your strengths.
  • Social Media Campaign: Social media is about interaction. Draw others into your world. This could be one video or a campaign (aka web series). Get people talking about your brand.
  • Event Story: Creative depiction of an event told in whatever style you like from a documentary to a movie.
  • Video Press Release: This is not an “old school” Video News Release (aka VNR). The Mad Bear version of a press release may not even be a press release at all but instead a whole YouTube channel full of engaging and informative content.
  • Training Video: Engaging and vibrant videos that communicate seemingly uninteresting concepts in creative and appealing ways. Training videos don't have to suck!
  • Team Building Video: Memorable moments are conveyed using metaphors, inspiring stories and famous achievements to build camaraderie.
  • Community Service Video: Showcase your company’s contributions to society and build an audience around good will.
  • Product-Launch or Demo Videos: Communicate the benefits of your product in a way that will generate buzz and conversions.
  • Video Testimonials: Customers and thought leaders speak passionately about your brand or in areas that surround your brand. These timeless and compelling words emotionally connect with an audience to increase the credibility of your brand and/or encourage an action.
  • Company Introduction: Smart and crisp ‘about us’ videos as a standalone on a website or addendum to communicate the heart of your brand’s story.
  • Video Profile/Video Biography: Add personality and uniqueness to a biography or profile page by allowing a viewer to get to the know the real people who make up your team.
  • Fundraising Campaign: In today’s economy fundraising can be challenging because people are watching every dollar they donate. They want to be certain that their hard-earned money is making a big difference in the world. Our videos tell your organization’s story in such an honest and real way that they will earn the viewer’s trust and make them more likely to contribute generously.
  • Video Presentations: Engage your audience with a story. This approach could be used at the beginning of an event or even as part of a pitch.
  • Web Series: A video doesn’t have to be about a brand directly to give it lift. Create an experience for viewers around a brand to generate buzz.
  • Crisis Communications: Something bad has happened, who better to have on your side than a team of people who have spent years covering news. We know the questions that need to be addressed because we have asked the same questions.
  • Branded Web TV Series/Show: This is an integrated online video marketing strategy, that allows a brand to get in front of its target audience with stories and interviews the target audience wants to see.
  • Viral Video: Is the goal millions of views or is it more important for the video to go viral within a targeted market? We can help you decide.
  • Video Recruiting: Are you looking for the right candidate for a job? Do you want to get folks excited about playing a role or even volunteering their time for a project? A video can give you a sense of who the person really is....
  • Internal/Corporate Communications: Use a story to engage and help people within a company remember key details and stay on the same page. Our approach really embraces your corporate culture.
  • Meeting Videos: Mad Bear’s approach to a meeting would go beyond just capturing what was said... we would then digest it and compile it into a concise highlight video. A news story if you will.
  • Mobile Video: Mobile is the largest growth area online. Take advantage by using videos that are designed specifically for a mobile audience.
  • Video Blog: Our staff relies on the thousands of news stories we have done to help your brand learn how to communicate its story and get comfortable communicating it in front of a camera.
  • Digital Signage: Sometimes silence is one of the best ways to tell a story. This is a must for the creation of any form of digital signage whether the video will be shown in a barber shop or Times Square.
  • Multi-Platform Media: An ad is shown on television but because of time limitations TV can only cover a short snippet of the full story. So viewers are directed to watch more online. The same can be done between a company’s website and Facebook (just as another example).
  • Streaming Video: Share an event with the world or share a meeting with only a select few in a secure network. And do it in real time. Live streaming is being used to increase communication, cut down on business expenses, increase awareness and even grow an audience to the point where your online viewer is an additional source of revenue.

Supporting Video Production Services

We offer a number of video production services that are intended to offer you guidance or advice as you work on your project. Some of the video production services solutions we offer in this area are:

Video Consulting Services

Whether you have an existing video or you are starting from scratch, our video production services include the guidance and support to make your video exceptional. You will have to complete a questionnaire so that we get all the information we need to understand your objective. Then through a brainstorming session with one of our producers, you will get a detailed critique along with suggestions on how to initiate or enhance your work. Our suggestions are comprehensive including equipment, editing tips, necessary shots, story flow and ideal length.

Video Training Seminars

We also offer the option of coming to your place of work and providing a detailed explanation of how to make a video and market it. The seminar includes a one-hour presentation followed by a one-hour Q&A session.

For a more detailed understanding, we also provide a full demo session with a photographer and gear where we show you in an engaging manner how to shoot and produce a movie.

We will soon begin webinars for those looking for an online learning experience.


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